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We produce the traditional genuine Aleppo soap that has been produced and used in the Mediterranean for hundreds of years.


Ancient Secret of Beauty

the secret of beauty of the Mediterranean people for thousands of years; Laurel Soaps


Pure Laurel and Olive Soaps

Soaps made of pure laurel and olive oil will refresh your skin


Aleppo Soaps

You will feel the privilege of taking a shower with traditional pure olive and laurel soaps



Our company produces and makes Halep soap, which is produced with traditional and 100% natural methods for thousands of years. Our aim is to offer these soaps, which are traditionally produced from laurel oil and olive oil porridge oil, to the whole world. The chemical products are very harmful to human health. These natural products that we produce are a source of healing since ancient times and today is a source of healing for your skin and hair. Our company is established to offer very good quality laurel soap with soap, olive oil soap and laurel soap, shampoo to the whole world.


The demand for 100% vegetable / natural products produced by traditional methods is increasing day by day in the world.
Since 1955, we have been working to market the Aleppo Soaps produced in Nizip in the best way.

About 80km to the city of Aleppo in northern Syria, traditional craft and production methods, olive oil is produced by the first cold pressing method. So even if olive oil is removed; Oil is obtained from the olive pomace without losing all its useful properties. This olive oil (olive oil oil) is mixed with oil and laurel oil to obtain these magnificent products. Our company also carries out production as private label. Serves all kinds of special sizes and packages to customers.

Benefits Of Defne Soap

This soap contains all-natural oils, this soap is used in the whole body and hair. DEFNiA laurel soap is made of olive oil + laurel with special combination oils and herbaceous plants. 

Olive oil; Manganese is rich in minerals such as phosphorus, potassium. Vitamin A: A- B-C- E- F vitamins have many treatment properties. and in this regard, the composition of cosmetics and skin care. It nourishes the skin and gives it strength and freshness and also helps to remove wrinkles. It helps to feed the hair from the root, prevents the hair loss, makes the hair bright and smooth.

Laurelcleans dandruff from the scalp with its sterile and antiseptic feature, acne remover, heals wounds. Nourishes the skin, cleanses the skin, removes odors,

It cleans the skin and cleans the skin by cleaning the dead cells with the sterile and antiseptic feature of laurel oil and olive oil.

The daphne is fascinating and has a very different smell. The unique combination of olive and olive oil with the rheumatic pain and muscle spasm is the best way to get rid of.

In summary, laurel soap;

1. Prevents hair loss.

2. Effective in removing the dandruff problem.

3. It nourishes the hair gives natural shine and softness.

4. It has a relaxing effect on the body.

5. Dry moisturizes the skin revitalizes softens.

6. Antiseptic (germ killer) feature helps treat skin diseases such as fungal eczema rash, itchy psoriasis acne irritation.

7. Heals wounds on the skin.

8. Good for psoriasis.

9. Can be used safely on sensitive skin.

10. Can be used instead of shaving foam. (shaving gel when applied directly to wet skin)

11. They stated that they achieved a much more effective and softer result than the products like shaving foam.)


Aleppo bay soap is not produced at any time of the year.
Aleppo soap can be produced only in the months of November to April.

There are two reasons for this:
1- The harvest season of olive oil and laurel oil starts in November.
2- The most suitable season for the production of Aleppo soap due to hot weather is autumn and winter. The Aleppo soap produced in these months is allowed to dry in molds when they are warm. In addition, the city of Aleppo is very close to the city of Nizip, the climate characteristics of both cities are exactly the same.

Aleppo laurel soap, laurel oil, olive oil (prina oil) and water is mixed with the solution is cooked. In a large cauldron containing diluted alkali and this mixture is heated. When the mixture reaches a certain temperature by mixing slowly, add the solution to the boiler and mix well. Laurel oil is added respectively. Laurel oil and olive oil are not exposed to too much heat. After a certain consistency, the water formed in the boiler is filtered and pure soap is obtained. This soap is poured into a suitable place by exhibition method. The soap that has been spilled on the floor then solidifies. All these processes are done slowly and completely in natural ways. The solidified soaps are cut in square and rectangular shapes. Each piece of square and rectangular cut is printed on sabuna brands. These soaps are stacked in certain ways and for 7-8 months these soaps are dried in special and natural ways.

Soap is then packed or put in boxes according to customer's request. The soap produced in this way is exported to the world.

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