Daphne Legend

Har, Daphne, Nehtel, Tehnel, Laurus nobilis, Laurel, Laurier are the other names of the laurel.

Summer is a evergreen plant with winter leaves. The main places where the laurel tree grows are Hatay, Antakya and the eastern part of the Mediterranean. Although the bay is not leafy, it remains green for four seasons and because of this feature it has long been regarded as a symbol of immortality. The Mediterranean coast of our country, especially the bay, which can be up to 6-8 meters long, round-crowned and often develops branched. When the yellowish or greenish white flowers bloom in spring, the color changes to dark purple, single seed and fleshy fruits. The nest has a charming smell.


What is the Legend of Daphne?

Apollo fell in love with Nymph Daphne, daughter of Peneus, one of the Greek sea gods. The reason why he was so hopelessly in love with Daphne is that he
was the target of one of the arrows of Cupid Eros.
Apollon is actually a very good archer and he loves to brag about himself. One day, he encounters the young Eros, son of Aphrodite, a good archer and tells mockingly about his archery skills. In turn, Eros wants to take revenge and prepares two arrows. One is immersed in golden water and will give the person he has stabbed with passion and eternal love. The other arrow will completely remove the person he is stuck from love and passion. The golden arrow is stuck in Apollon's heart and falls in love with Daphne. But unfortunately, the other arrow is stuck in the heart of Daphne. Daphne escapes Apollon and rejects his love.
One day, while Daphne runs away, he encounters Apollo and starts running away. Daphne realizes that this time will be caught, and asks his father Peneus for help. Peneus transforms Daphney into a laurel tree, and the heart beating is still heard when Apollo arrives. Daphne will forever be a laurel tree. But the burning fire of love in Apollo will not forget him and will not forget.

Apollon watches with the sadness of Defne being a tree. He then wraps around and hears his voice, still striking underneath its hard shells, as he speaks:
In Daphne, from now on, you will be the holy tree of Apollo. He will wreath my head, with leaves that do not fade and do not. Dear heroes, those who triumph in battles will always adorn your forehead with your leaves. In songs, poems, our name will be next to us Şark.
Upon these sweet words, Daphne greeted Apollon with respect by tilting its branches.
Apollon makes a crown of bright petals per its excitement. Since then, the triumph of poetry and weapons has been rewarded with the branch of the laurel and the tears of Defne still create waterfalls in Harbiye today.