Corporate / About us:

Our company produces and makes Halep soap, which is produced with traditional and 100% natural methods for thousands of years. Our aim is to offer these soaps, which are traditionally produced from laurel oil and olive oil porridge oil, to the whole world. The chemical products are very harmful to human health. These natural products that we produce are a source of healing since ancient times and today is a source of healing for your skin and hair. Our company is established to offer very good quality laurel soap with soap, olive oil soap and laurel soap, shampoo to the whole world.

The demand for 100% vegetable / natural products produced by traditional methods is increasing day by day in the world.
Since 1955, we have been working to market the Aleppo Soaps produced in Nizip in the best way.
About 80km to the city of Aleppo in northern Syria, traditional craft and production methods, olive oil is produced by the first cold pressing method. So even if olive oil is removed; Oil is obtained from the olive pomace without losing all its useful properties. This olive oil (olive oil oil) is mixed with oil and laurel oil to obtain these magnificent products. Our company also carries out production as private label. Serves all kinds of special sizes and packages to customers.