Traditional Aleppo soap (Contains 10% bay)

Contains 10% laurel oil

The Aleppo soap, the ancestor of her soaps, was born in the fortresses of Aleppo some 2000 years ago. Brown is synonymous with color. Aleppo Soaps are 100% natural. No perfume, paint, solvent, paraben, animal and synthetic ingredients are present. It is made using only olive oil, laurel oil, water and soda. It is dried in the sun for 8-9 months and it is ensured that it gains brown shell and green color inside it.

This soap containing 10% laurel oil can be used for whole body cleaning 3-4 times a week by people with particularly sensitive and dry skin. When used regularly, it stimulates the skin with its rich vitamin E, adds shine to the skin and enhances it, strengthens the hair. Hair loss, dandruff and scalp can be used to remove acne.

Package information:
Our soaps are packed by hand. We use eco-friendly cardboard and paper.
Soap, box and container information

Square mold soap weight: 180- 200gr
Rectangle soap weight: 160-180gr

Cardboard box sizes;
40 pieces square soap in one carton
50 pieces rectangular soap in a carton
Each carton about 10 kg.

1x20 Container content: 1800 - 2000 carton box.