Pure olive oil soap

 It is a natural cleaning agent made of olive oil and contains no other foreign substances. Olive oil soap is a product preferred by everyone who gives importance to naturalness as well as traditional use. Olive oil soap used in the bathroom is a natural product that you can safely use in general body, face and hair cleaning. No perfume, paint, solvent, paraben, animal and synthetic ingredients are present. It is made using only olive oil, laurel oil, water and soda. Olive Oil Soap is a perfect bath soap with plenty of foam and soft structure. With regular vitamin E, it improves the skin and strengthens the hair. You can use it to remove the acne on the scalp and the scalp.
Package information:
Our soaps are packed by hand. We use eco-friendly cardboard and paper.

Soap, box and container information

Square mold soap weight: 180- 200gr

Rectangle soap weight: 160-180gr

Cardboard box sizes;
40 pieces square soap in one carton
50 pieces rectangular soap in a carton
Each carton about 10 kg.

1x20 Container content: 1800 - 2000 carton box.